View Full Version : Next meet and the Cornwall Run

29-05-07, 07:50 AM
Just a reminder that the next meet is at the Ley Arms on the 3rd of June

Also those kind people in Cornwall have allowed special dispensation for us "Foreign Devils" to visit their fair land !!

This is on the following Sunday - the 10th June

Steve and Diane Basset are organising and details will be pinged to the SW crowd soon

in the meantime Steve has requested an idea of numbers as he is threatening to have a BBQ afterwards.

So if you could let me know I will liaise with S+D

Neil O
29-05-07, 08:36 AM
Chris, I can't make it on Sunday........donkey walloping. :cry:

Will be ok for the Cornwall run though. :D

andy l
29-05-07, 01:54 PM
Hi Chris
See you sunday, and should be ok for cornwall run, hope the BBQ is not road kill ! you know what these cornish are like, :wink: :wink: :D

29-05-07, 04:37 PM
Il be at the Ley arms on Sunday and yeah the sunday after sounds good to so put me down for that

06-06-07, 07:45 AM

The Cornwall run will start from Stourton Cross Services after Oakhamptonon the A30 at 10am

The Exeter crowd are meeting at the Granada Services
on the M5 J30 at 9 am.

I think we have 9 cars so far