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June Newsletter Attached.

See some of you in France.


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the newsletter of the

Cobra Replica Club

East Anglia region 2007

May 2007

Hello all,
Last Month
After setting off in plenty of time, Joy and I were very surprised to find that the pub I had chosen was in fact boarded up and closed!!
Colin and family arrived shortly afterwards and said he had wondered way they had not answered the phone. A quick roadside map consultation and a phone call made us decide to drive over to Hockwold to meet up with Ivor and Ratty in Ivor’s local. A note was left on the pub door to direct any latecomers.
We collected Cefin and Anne on the way over to Hockwold and managed to squeeze it for a bit of Sunday lunch.
The moral is A, Phone to check with pub. And B, buy a more up to date Pub Guide. The pub was listed as an award winner!
This Month.
As there were no suggestions for a venue this month I have decided to postpone it by one week to avoid the clash with Fathers Day and allow the European contingent to get back from Le Mans safely. The Royal George in Barningham. Details Below.
Workshop News
A new project has arrived at the workshop. A replica of a 1959 Le Mans Aston Martin. I will be on the lookout for a Jaguar XK series engine and manual box for this car. A whole car with a V5 would be good. If you know of such a beast going cheap please let me know.
The past few days have been rather hectic. Poor Guy had got his new Ford 302 Sumo up and running ready to go to Le Mans this weekend only to have it drop a valve whilst on the way over to my workshop to sort out the tracking. This resulted in the first recovery use of my newly purchased beaver tail trailer. The Ford has eaten a valve, gouged a piston and bent a con-rod. This is obviously down to a faulty component, most probably a lifter and will be solved by Guy’s engine builder.
So Guy will now be acting as navigator for Cefin in his GD which has been fettled ready for the off.

Monthly Meets. (Third Sunday 12:00ish)
June 17th.
Bar de La Tetre Rouge. Le Sarthe, France. No suggestions for this month were forthcoming, so as it clashes with Fathers day I will postpone the meet for a week.

June 24th.
The Royal George. Church Road, Barningham, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, IP31 1DD
Tel: 01359 221246 I have not yet phoned the pub but it was not boarded up when I drove past last week.

July 15th.
Ramsholt Arms, Dock Road, Ramsholt Quay, IP12 3AB. Watch the speed bumps on the way down or park at the top of the road.
August 19th.
Duxford Car club day – details below


Ipswich Transport Museum Felixtowe run. May 6th. www.ipswichtransportmuseum.co.uk
National Kit Car Show at Stoneleigh May 6-7th
Henham Wings & Wheels day. May 13th. www.wingsandwheels-online.co.uk
Cheshire Kit Car show . May 20th.
National Kitcar Festival. June. 15 – 16th.
Shelfanger Village Car Rally. 15th June. Kit and Custom section. Free entry, contact davidcotty@btinternet.com to register
Le Mans 24 Hours June. 16th-17th
Sporting Car Club of Norfolk’s Midsummer Classic Car Run. June 17th. classic@sccon.co.uk for details (Closing Date 14th June)
Seething Charity Air Show . July. 1st
Simon Finlay is involved with organising this and will set aside a club area.

Helmingham Hall Festival of Classics. 5th August. www.helmingham.com to register for free.

Car Club day at Duxford Museum. August 19th. The Essex Area is organising this again. Contact Luke - acbilko@aol.com £9.00 entry instead of £15.00

Lavenham Rare Breeds Car show & Carnival. August 27th. Club pitch available Volunteer in charge is Peter Barry. peter.barry@pasta.co.uk Contact Barry to book club space ASAP.

National Kit and Performance car show, Donnington September. 15 – 16th
CRC National Meet, Silverstone. September. 27th – 29th
Great West Kit and Performance car Exeter November 17th.

Please contact me if you know of any events that would be of interest.

Many thanks and Bye for now.


My contact details are as follows;
Home: 01473 250 295 Mobile: 07909531816. E-mail: andrewsoar@yahoo.com

22-06-07, 06:56 AM
Just a reminder that this month's meet will be this Sunday at:
The Royal George. Church Road, Barningham, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, IP31 1DD
Tel: 01359 221246 .
We will return to the third Sunday from next month.

See you there,