View Full Version : rear indicator location

20-07-07, 11:56 AM
Updating the BRA 289 I have.

Decided to go for the Lucas L542 light. Now I have to think about where to stick my indicator.

I will probably try a few positions by blu tacking the lens and seeing how it looks. I have seen the post about cutting the 542 lens and fitting the indicator in place of the reflector.

I also saw an idea of sticking the indicator on the side of the overriders in kit car mag. (not good for me as the back of these goes a long way)

Anyone got any thoughts on positioning of the indicators?

20-07-07, 12:15 PM
Im looking at changing my crendon to this set up, as it currently has the larger Healey lights; my old Hawk had the repro Lucas L542 units from SVC (joint tooling paid for by SVC and Hawk), and the small lucas pattern 'beehive indicators mounted on stainless plates that pick up on the overider studs.
You can get the beehives in a flat back version that look neater, downside is they have festoon bulbs, or you can get them with proper bulbs, but the back of the light unit is not flat, so the installation looks ugly in profile, the pics show my old Hawk 289 with the L542 and the flat version of the indicator (theyre also cheaper).
As I see it, the only problem with modding the L542 to have an indicator is you then have to fit reflectors some where anyway, Im loathe to chop about £80 odd worth of flimsy L542, and the look of the set up in the pic is, to my eyes, period, which is what Im after. Having said that, the chopped L542's shown on this site have been done very well. All down to taste really.