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16-08-07, 07:46 AM
the newsletter of the

Cobra Replica Club

East Anglia region 2007

August 2007

Hello all,

Last Month
Joy And I enjoyed a sunny drive out to Ramsholt last month. The weather held off long enough for us to find Guy and enjoy a meal outside watching the boats bob around on the river. Then things turned rather wet and a swift departure was made. We all know that if you can keep your speed up around 40mph or so then you donít really get much rain in the car. However this is not very easy when you have a bunch of OAPís driving so slowly that they would hold up a tractor. Guy seemed to make the right choice by fitting the hood before he left. We hadnít gone far before he caught us up either.
The SAD Chapter attended the pub sometime after we left I am told. Sorry to have missed you.

This Month. August 19th.
Luke from the Essex mob has arranged a CRC pitch at Duxford Museumís car club day. I popped along last year to find he was very nearly overwhelmed by the numbers of Cobras that turned up. Hopefully this will be well supported again this year.
You can drop Luke a line to say you are planning to go acbilko@aol.com so he has an idea of numbers or just pitch up on the day. There will be sign to a separate entrance and the normal entry price has been reduced to £9.00. There is a huge amount to see at Duxford, well worth a visit if you have not been before.

Workshop News
Well I have gone and done it. I have taken over the rights and tooling to produce the Aston Martin DBR2 replica formerly made by ARA Racing. Along with this has come the existing order book, so I am very busy at the moment, especially as this has come along during harvest time. The first car went for SVA last week and didnít fail on too many tricky points. Unfortunately I had a trainee conducting the test alongside an experienced tester. They spent quite a bit of time arguing with each other and consulting the book. It was looking like the fail list was going to ten pages long. However, when the fail sheet was presented the list was surprisingly small and a couple of items that had been worrying me had been omitted from the list. Maybe they are on our side?
I am now working towards organising a trade stand at the Goodwood Revival. So if any of you are going please drop in and say Hi or even place an order!

Monthly Meets. (Third Sunday 12:00ish)
August 19th.
Duxford Car club day Ė details below.
September 16th.
The Chequers in Bressingham. Possibly with open doors at A S Motorsport just up the road.
October 21st.


Car Club day at Duxford Museum. August 19th. The Essex Area is organising this again. Contact Luke - acbilko@aol.com £9.00 entry instead of £15.00

Lavenham Rare Breeds Car show & Carnival. August 27th. Club pitch available Volunteer in charge is Peter Barry. peter.barry@pasta.co.uk Contact Barry to book club space ASAP.

Goodwood Revival. Launch of A S Motorsport! August 31st Ė September 2nd.
National Kit and Performance car show, Donnington September. 15 Ė 16th
CRC National Meet, Silverstone. September. 27th Ė 29th
Great West Kit and Performance car Exeter November 17th.

Please contact me if you know of any events that would be of interest.

Many thanks and Bye for now.


My contact details are as follows;
Home: 01473 250 295 Mobile: 07909531816. E-mail: andrewsoar@yahoo.com
Workshop 01379 688 356

16-08-07, 08:03 AM
Some of us from the Southwest are going to the Goodwood revival

What is the name of your Trade Stand

Will coffee be on ?

16-08-07, 07:18 PM
It will be listed in the catalogue a ARA Racing most probably as they didn't think they would have time to change it before printing. Otherwise it should be A S Motorsport Ltd. Stand 20 and 21 springs to mind but I don't have the details to hand.

Plenty of coffee on offer. May be some tea and even the odd biccy perhaps.
Although the rules state that all catering should be provided by the contracted suppliers!

I have roped in some other CRC members to help out.