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19-08-07, 09:21 PM
In my view, the measure of a good supplier is how you are treated when things go wrong.

Take V8 Developments in Lincolnshire, for example.

Over the past few years of various RV8 engine builds I've bought most of my "performance" parts from them - carb, cams, followers etc - and have had good service and advice.

My latest engine is a 5.0L with a specific cam (MC1) and follower supplied by V8D. The cam failed after less than 1500 miles. By agreement I sent it back for their assessment as I felt this should be a warranty replacement. They in turn sent the cam back to Piper or Kent, I can't remember, but I maintained that as the supplier they should resolve any problems. They would not agree to a full refund and I did not want another one of their cams. We settled on they would give me 100 back.

After many phone calls and emails to both Ray and Sean, from last April, I've received absolutely sod all!!

So the moral in dealing with V8D is..when its going ok, its ok. As soon as a problem arises, promises, promises, but your on your own.
I'm very disappointed as I thought these people had high standards.

Fortunately, there a number of other companies around who do provide a reliable, quality, service for those of us who run RV8's.

Dutch Paul
19-08-07, 09:46 PM
I always vote with my wallet.

If a company gives me bad service and don`t rectify the problem to my satisfaction, I always make my feelings known (usually to the salesperson`s superior) and take my future business elsewhere.

The kit car industry has a fairly large customer base and especially with forums like this one word soon gets round. It`s Darwin`s Theory over again, the good suppliers grow and the bad companies fade away.

19-08-07, 09:56 PM
Hi Chesterak,
its stupid is,nt it for the sake of the price of a camshaft their reputation is in tatters, they either dont care about their reputation or they already have a bad one,

I have been in business over 23yrs and our reputation is everything to us one disgruntled customer is 100 lost customers.

We all know who not to buy parts from now thanks for the warning.

Alfie B