View Full Version : Fishermans Cott Update

10-09-07, 08:48 AM
that Nice man - Colin - called in to the FC on Sunday to remind them that we are coming on Sunday the 16th.

Everything OK - they are going to designate an Area of the Car Park so we can park together - Bear in mind the place is popular and they dont normally cater for reserved tables or car parking spaces.

So it would be useful if a few of us turned up a little early - say closer to 11.30 than 12 ?

Then we can play "bagsy" and help out the pub by grabbing tables by the river and spaces before the lunchtime Grockles flood in .

I'll try and get there early but the more early help the better -

Also (providing the weather is good) - it would be really good to see as many cars as possible - as we havn't made it to many events this year cos of the crap summer.

See you there !!