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14-08-01, 05:57 PM
I am just working on a couple of pages of tips on buying secondhand and what to watch out for, other than dodgy salesmen.

I am going to give all the manufacturers a call over the next couple of days and talk about the key physical differentials, ie how to tell apart a Dax for a Pilgrim from a GD, as some unscrupulous people have been selling Cobras to the uninitiated as other more credile makes, I shall say no more on this for now.

Do you bunch of reprobates want to put your 2 pennyworth in?

Afetr that, I will be working on a full build picture for all the different cobras, so will also need help with typ[ical build prices and caveats etc.

Help me out here please.


The Whistler!

14-08-01, 06:36 PM

Just finished building a Pilgrim/Chevy 350 and have loads of photos of various stages of construction. Also willing to put pen to paper now and again sharing build "experiences". Let me know what you need and when.


14-08-01, 09:34 PM
Rob, great idea and am sure one that will be valued by those less familiar than oursleves who want to get into a Cobra replica and need reassurance just what they are doing.

Happy to help. As you know I have a somewhat rare but good replica (Python)- I can easily put together a few notes/photos on how to find a real one. Also I will put together some other comments on what to look out for generally.


Nigel B:-)

14-08-01, 11:32 PM

Great, anything that would help a punter differentiate Cob A from Cob B would be excellent.

Best Regards


The Whistler!

15-08-01, 07:51 AM

I have just started an AK. Although the chassis isn't due until the begining of September I have been renovating the Jag bits and getting all the ancilliary parts together including a Chevy engine.

I am keeping a build portfolio with pictures and will be more than welcome to share my experiences during the build, pitfalls and heartaches included.

Think it's a great idea and look forward to reading all those useful tips.


15-08-01, 08:11 AM
Mine an SRv8 (2nd) although not being produced they appear 2nd hand and I can help others what to look for ie chassis good, some bodies not so and improvements for SVA.


15-08-01, 03:58 PM
I have also just started to look at buying a second hand replica Cobra.
I have been told to stick to DAX or Gardner. I have also been told to try to stick to a chevy or ford V8 - NOT ROVER.

I dont know who is right here but a few people have told me the same thing now.
I am going to a place in Chingford called Hallmark Cars. They sell lots of Cobras. I am going to test drive a couple to see if I like the drive - I imagine they will be quite similar wether they be a DAX or RAM or whatever.
Im sure the other manufacturers cant be that bad. I have seen lots of Pilgrims on the market but everyone is telling me they are rubbish.

BASICALLY, if you get any info e-mail me - vice versa - makes it easy for both of us. mike.horan@instinet.co.uk

15-08-01, 04:00 PM
Are Pilgims and RAMs crap ?
Should I stick to DAX ?
What mileage level should I avoid ??