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17-09-07, 01:28 PM
Hi to all from Spa,

I purchased a fully built KF Premier in 2003. I only know it's the forerunner of the AK427 and as I could see in the build manual of the AK several elements look indeed very similar.

There is no roll hoop fitted on my car and I wish to fit one. I took a look at the chassis and saw that no mounting plate is fitted on the top of the rear brace (like on the AK's) to fix the rollhoop brackets.

I asked AK and they told me that the very early chassis did not have the mounting plate for the roll hoops.

The boot would have to be cut out and the plate fitted to take the roll-bar tubes.

Is there a solution to fit rollhoops on this chassis without removing or cutting out the body? How are they fitted on You KF Premier?

Best regards


18-09-07, 10:33 AM
So, no KF Premier owners in GB or Europe?

I know they were build in the early 90's.


18-09-07, 10:47 AM
Hi Felix, Don't be dismayed by the lack of answers as only a few KF's were made, and if anyone knows them its Ken so you may well have the best advice already.
Having said that, it may be worth checking with Ken to see if its possible to put the plate on top of the GRP in the boot, and bolt through to the chassis, as the roll bars are not structural this may be viable.

Just a thought,

20-09-07, 09:53 AM
Hi Rich!

Thank You for Your advice! I will check trough the "inspection hole" in the rear wall of the cockpit if the distance between the GRP in the boot and the chassis is not too important.