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the newsletter of the

Cobra Replica Club

East Anglia region 2007

October 2007

Hello all,
Last Month
Joy & I escaped to watch the Le Mans series at Silverstone last month. It was a really interesting experience. Camping on a sloping field (or was that the beer?) wandering around a virtually deserted Silverstone. Watching a full 50+ car field storm around the track and thinking how Formula one fans would have paid a small fortune to watch a two hour sprint or the back of a Ferrari flag.
Having so many cars and the mixture of classes on a track about one quarter the size of Le Mans makes for some very busy action. One to recommend I think.
My spies report that last month’s meet was a 289 owners convention with all of the 427 owners staying in with some cocoa. Maybe more cars will venture out this month.

This Month. October 21st.
Off to Norfolk again this month. The Cock Inn, Watton Road, Barford. NR9 4AS. 01603 757 646.
An 18th century coaching inn with Blue Moon Brewery attached. So falling down trousers are required, along with a well sealed carry keg. The last time I tried to transport a four pint carry keg home from Woodfordes brewery in the Cobra it came out as a short measure. The smell has gone from the boot now though.

Workshop News
I am now working on three Aston replicas, one with an Aston V8. If any of you had thought about trying one of these in a Cobra then don’t. The thing is huge, double overhead cams make it very wide and for an engine made of Aluminium it weighs nearly as much as a Chevy. They don’t come cheap either.
We have also upgraded Ian Catchpoles’ auto Rover 3.5 to a storming 3.9 manual. So watch out for a charging and snorting Sumo in your rear view mirror. This means that Ian has the old unit for sale if anyone is interested.

Festive Dates
Time has come to consider the annual club festive supper. I would propose to use Bressingham Chequers Inn again but any suggestions are welcome. The Saturday evening of December 1st or 8th are possible dates. Please let me know names and suitable dates ASAP and I will investigate further.
There may also be a bonfire on the go to coincide with a large firework display at Christchurch Park which can be seen quite clearly from our place at Akenham. Watch this space for details.

Monthly Meets. (Third Sunday 12:00ish)
October 21st.
The Cock Inn at Barford. Watton Road. NR9 4AS
November 18th.
Hoxne Swan
December 16th.
Old Buckenham Gamekeeper


Great West Kit and Performance car Exeter November 17th.

Please contact me if you know of any events that would be of interest.

Many thanks and Bye for now.


My contact details are as follows;
Home: 01473 250 295 Mobile: 07909 531 816. Workshop: 01379 688 356. E-mail: andrewsoar@yahoo.com

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