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23-10-07, 10:00 PM
Do you chaps have a monthly meet at Goodwood still or is this only reserved for the Breakfast clubs.?

Looking for another excuse for a good blast out in the cool weather


25-10-07, 09:29 AM
Hi Bigblock, yes we meet at Goodwood on the last Sunday of each month, in the padock at around 10.30 a.m. then convoy off to a pub for lunch at around 11.30.
This Sunday we will be going to the gribble, about 3 miles, you would be most welcome.
I am BLOKE on this site.
Frank Dowsett. Blue SR V8. If the weather is bad we still go in our tin tops.
Let me know your car details, and I will Look out for you.

25-10-07, 09:37 AM
Yes, email from Peter, kick-off 10:30ish, I think:

See you all Sunday @ Goodwood and then on to 'The Gribble'.

Remember clocks go BACK 1hr at 2am sunday morning.


Marion & Peter

25-10-07, 05:09 PM
Thanks for the reply, canít make it this Sunday, my lad has a footy game.
I'll try and make it to the next one as the ride to Goodwood was is supurbbb from Reading early in the mornings.
If you went to the last breakfast mine was the black one, black side pipes etc on the track.


25-10-07, 07:04 PM
O.K. Bigblock catch up with you next month, mine was the Dodge viper blue one, with magnolia leather, parked on the track, by the start line, we had to get there at 7.30 to get that position, not to dificult as I live about 15 minutes from Goodwood,
Regards Frank (BLOKE)