View Full Version : Sumo Mk 3 Cobra Suspension

Colin Peet
27-10-07, 11:30 AM
Having enjoyed trouble free motoring (so far) since June this year with my Sumo Cobra it is now time to refine the suspension settings. Does any body know of a specialist that can assist within fairly easy reach of Chislehurst (Bromley/Orpinton) Kent. Settings have been set in accordance with the rough guide published in Kitcar Magazine quite some time ago and probably need some expert adjustment just for normal road use.
I am a total amateur first time builder and would rather trust a specialist in kit cars as apposed to 'a local garage'.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Colin Peet.

Purple AK
27-10-07, 06:22 PM
Colin. Have a word with Gareth08 on here. He's only in Sittingbourne ;)