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23-08-01, 06:02 PM
Ok, I have tried to break the new forum, without success, so I will be upgrading the forum at some time this evening, so it will be unavailable.

Points to note below.

1. The user profile now uses different fields as this was necessary to include preferences. Pre-6.2 profiles will not work...essentially, every registered users in your forum must re-do their profile. Also, advise your users to carefully look over the preferences as they will be set to the default values.

2. The way signature is handled has changed. The signature is now dynamically added when the message is create: that is, the signature is not written to the message database. You will find that this has many benifits, for example, hot having to deal with signatures when you reply to a message that uses a signaure. Please goto User Menu > Edit your profile and save it once to initialize it.

Now, the side effect of this new signature method is that the older posts with your signatures will have duplicate signature. Hopefully, those topics will eventually "fade" away...

2. The MARK time stamp will require re-initialization...that is, hit MARK ALL once. The older time values will not work because I implemented a more accurate time stamp function.

Best Regards


The temporary NON-Whistler!

24-08-01, 08:09 AM
Silly boy here again,Question?
1, What is signature?
2, What is MARK TIME?
Steve G.

24-08-01, 10:04 AM
>Silly boy here again,Question?
>1, What is signature?

Its the bit at the end of the post, best regards etc etc

>2, What is MARK TIME?

You have two options, time stamped, or marked. one is automatic, the other is manual.

>Steve G.


The Whistler!