View Full Version : When i was an apprentice

Bodyshop Simon
24-02-08, 10:08 AM
Last night after eleventeen pints down the pub, we were talking about tales from the past, heres one of mine.
When i was an apprentice, i remember in the corner of the garage there was a car.
It had been there about six months before i started in 1988.
It was one of those cars that had been involved in an accident (hit in the side) but the owner had no insurance and no money to repair it.
It sat there getting covered in bodyshop grime collecting storage charges for at least 2 years...
In that time it was used as somewhere to put your coffee cup, somewhere to sleep on a saturday morning when you had a hangover and a general storage shed.
Many bits went missing from it too...the odd tyre was replaced with a worn one, bits of trim and interior, somebody even had the towbar.
Eventually the owner came in with the registration documents and we could get rid of the damm thing.

This made us happy as the 20 given to us by the scrap man kept us in bacon sandwiches for a good week!

By the way the car was offered to us the workers before the scrap man came....But who wants a big thirsty Rover SD1 Lotus Vittesse??