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26-02-08, 06:36 PM
I've started this thread as Pat's other one


got a bit bogged down with the whole "who's filled in the paper work correctly" thing - valid points expressed I know but not so much help to current builders.

For someone like me who has at least another 5 years to go before I can hope to have this thing on the road and who definitely cannot afford to have a very expensive garden ornament this news is a little worrying to say the least. Well to be blunt I'm really worried. :(

Does anyone have any further information about the changes, what they mean and what potential impact its going to have on cars that are being built to meet the current SVA?

Will we be able to get these things on the road? :confused:

Maybe Im panicking a little but hey its natural!


26-02-08, 06:47 PM
Read the original thread and particularly all the pages on the website that pat linked to, it tells everything that is known to date. A lot can change in 5 years too so if you can possibly do a rougher build to get SVA this year and then take your time on the (very!) expensive details, I would.

Simon R
26-02-08, 06:55 PM
Would the changes take effect from day 1 or would there be a grace period for vehicles currently under construction?

Were there not simillar grace periods in the past as rules changed?

I was planning on SVA in spring 09, If I sell my soul to the devil I might be able to go for it late this year :twisted:..... which might be a good plan!


26-02-08, 07:06 PM
The short answer is nobody knows, if you read the linked website youll see the only cast iron thing is SVA will stop at end march next year.
When the registration documents were changed, there was a grace period where existing vehicles with incorrect registrations could get things corrected; but note that was existing vehicles, part built and unfinished were not covered, and lets be practical; how could they be?
my guess is at the very best, VOSA will honour SVA test applications for a limited period after the cut off date; if we're lucky.
I wouldnt like to take bet money on it though; which is why Im saying, in your shoes Id try and do a quick job and dothe pretty stuff after to get it SVA'd sooner rather than have to comply with as yet undefined new rules of IVA and possibly have to redo some of the work you are currently doing to comply??

26-02-08, 07:08 PM
Lets just say that certain businesses may go under as a result of all this and that the EU will succeed in detsroying another of the very few remaining strings in the British manufacturing industry.

26-02-08, 07:24 PM
But of course our Government is sworn to protect the interests of the British people..............:rolleyes:

26-02-08, 07:31 PM
maybe if I were to have 5 kids, loose the function of a limb, wear a towel on my head etc my business interests would be protected.

Time to pack up and get out of this not so Great Britain I think.

26-02-08, 07:36 PM
But of course our Government is sworn to protect the interests of the British people..............:rolleyes:

Oh Wilf you are a wag!!! We can rest easy under the protective shield of Gordon Brown..Im sure he'll put jst as much care into the protection of these interests as he did our pensions in '97; I just wish somebody would lock him into his armour plated type approved ministerial Jag set the cruise control to max power and drive it off Westminster bridge at high water..... :D :D :D

26-02-08, 07:37 PM
maybe if I were to have 5 kids, loose the function of a limb, wear a towel on my head etc my business interests would be protected.

Time to pack up and get out of this not so Great Britain I think.

Anthony if youre young enough I dont blame you getting going; but choose wisely!!

26-02-08, 07:45 PM
They say new zealand is nice but a bugger to get accepted. Does anyone know of a young free gorgeos single new zealand girl so I can claim im a resident lol

Didnt think so, maybe ASDA has a checkout free

26-02-08, 11:34 PM
God - this all brings back some bad memories! I well remember that when I put my Cob through SVA back in 2000, there was a 'grace' period during which it wasn't necessary to comply with all the edge / radius stuff & a few other things - of course I failed the test the first time & the grace period was coming to an end! I had to pass on the next attempt, otherwise I'd have to mod the car to comply with all the other stuff!! Talk about stress !!!!!!

I wonder if Den Tanner has any insider info on this subject, as he's usually right on the ball with whats going on in the industry ?

27-02-08, 02:43 AM
maybe if I were to have 5 kids, loose the function of a limb, wear a towel on my head etc my business interests would be protected.

Time to pack up and get out of this not so Great Britain I think.

BE careful Anthony saying things like that could get you banned!!!

27-02-08, 08:26 AM
Well guys - dont go the typical British route and just sit and whinge

At least start to write to the bl**dy MP's and raise the subject as damaging British Industry and potential jobs.

C'mon you elected these idiots - make them earn their expense accouints !!!!!!

Anthony - you have a local MP - find out when his local "surgery" is and go shout- and write.

Yes I know it may not do any good - but then write to the Newspapers and let them raise it into the public gaze - cos they love another snipe at the EU !!!!!

27-02-08, 09:07 AM
Take a look at the STATUS web page :

STATUS - Specialist Transport Advice and Testing Society (http://www.status.org.uk/news.html)

It would appear that they have already been in consultation with the Government about this issue. Maybe an email to STATUS from a more senior guy in the Cobra Club would uncover some information?


27-02-08, 09:24 AM
Any one of the following Status members probably have access to the most up to date info, so if you are mi build and your kit maker or component supplier is on there give them a ring. Remember its 'consultation' so nothing is certain.

The Status Member List:

Minibuses, Taxis, Sportscars and Other Vehicles

Autosleepers www.auto-sleepers.co.uk
Bernard Mansell Commercials BernardMansell.com (http://www.bernardmansell.com)
Brotherwoods Brotherwood Automobility Home Page - Route through Website Options (http://www.brotherwood.com)
Chassis Developments www.chassisdevelopments.com
Eagle Specialist Vehicles Wilcox Limousines (http://www.limousines.co.uk)
Gowrings Mobility Wheelchair accessible vehicles, swivel seats from Motability accredited supplier, Gowrings Mobility (http://www.gowringsmobility.co.uk)
Marcos Number Plates and Private Plates. (http://www.marcoscars.co.uk)
Motability www.motability.co.uk
Nissan Nissan UK: Find your car, 4x4, van and locate nearest Nissan dealers (http://www.nissan.co.uk)
Optare Optare (http://www.optare.com)
Voyager Voyager MPV - Innovative range of taxis and minibuses (http://www.voyagermpv.co.uk)
VW Volkswagen UK (http://www.vw.co.uk)
Widnes Car Centre Widnes Car Centre (Nissan) Ltd - No.1 for all your Nissan & Versa Requirements (http://www.wcc-nissan.co.uk)


Autotune Autotune (Rishton) Ltd: UK Kit Car Manufacturer - kit car manufacturers, mclaren m1 replica, mclaren m6 replica, mclaren m8 replica, historic racing, vintage racing, classic jaguar replicas (http://www.kitsnclassics.com)
Blackjack Avion Blackjack Cars... (http://www.oakes.co.uk)
BRA Engineering BRA Cars, home of the CX3, CV3 & Leighton 3-wheelers. (http://www.bra-cars.com)
Caterham Cars Caterham Cars - Designed for racing, built for living (http://www.caterham.co.uk)
DJ Sportscars Kitcars Dax Cars the kit car manufacture of component cars (http://www.daxcars.co.uk)
Gardner Douglas Welcome to Gardner Douglas Sports Cars (http://www.gdcars.com)
Kit Car Magazine The Total and Complete Kit Car and AC Cobra kit site (http://www.kit-cars.com)
Quantum Sportscars Quantum Sports Cars Ltd : Welcome to Quantum Cars (http://www.quantumcars.co.uk)
Specialist Sports Cars www.specialistsportscars.com
Suffolk Sportscar Engineering Roger William's Suffolk SS100 Jaguar (http://www.ss100.com)
Tiger Racing www.tigerracing.com :: Tiger Racing :: Sportscars For Road and Track (http://www.tigerracing.com)
Vindicator Cars Vindicator Cars (http://www.vindicatorcars.co.uk)
Which Kit www.kitcarnet.com
YKC www.ykcsportscars.co.uk has been registered. (http://www.ykcsportscars.co.uk)


2cv Chassis Co. www.2cvchassis.co.uk
Alfa Stop Alfa Romeo car parts from AlfaStop: Brakes, Suspensions, Transmissions, Exhausts. (http://www.alfastop.co.uk)
Cogent www.cogent.demon.co.uk
Ecological Engine Co Home Page (http://www.ecoengine.co.uk)
Elap Elap Mobility : Disabled Vehicle Adaptations, Swivel Seats, Hand Controls, Infrared Controls (http://www.elap.co.uk)
Koller Wheelchair Restraints, Ramps, Rail and Seat Fixings from Koller Engineering (http://www.koller.co.uk)
Hiltech Developments HILTech Developments Limited (http://www.hiltechdevelopments.com)
NMI Safety Systems www.nmisafety.co.uk
Quantum Mouldings Quantum Mouldings Limited - fibreglass, grp, custom vehicle body panels, UK (http://www.quantummouldings.co.uk)
Pop Brown's 'Pop' Browns - Home Page (http://www.popbrowns.co.uk)
Scandus Design www.scandusdesign.co.uk
Speciality Fasteners & Components Drawer Slides, Gas Springs, Quick Release Fasteners, Threaded Inserts, Quick Release Pins, Quarter Turn Fasteners (http://www.fastfix-direct.co.uk)

27-02-08, 10:20 AM
Good one Steve!!

27-02-08, 03:54 PM
Just wondering how many entrepreneurs out there are thinking about buying as many cheap but legal kit cars they can get there hands on.

Sit on them until you can no longer register a kit in the UK and then sell them. If I had the money and storage I would think about it.

27-02-08, 04:06 PM
Not many Id have thought, theyre unlikely to go up that much, people always find a way around new legislation, or just adapt. If you add up buying them, storage etc its not a brilliant prospect unless you are going to do it in a Sovereignesque type way, and theres a quicker return to be made just dealing than buying and sitting on them.
Even if youd bought barnd new E types in the 60's and then sat on them and sold them for 80k a pop in the pension boom time mid 80's when you take into account storage and the inevtiable deterioration, its not great; put your money in property if you want long term, nothing beats that over any period longer than 5 years JMHO

27-02-08, 04:17 PM
I have spoken personally to the VCA last Month about this. They are re-grading the whole system. It is mainly to tighten the tests for HGV's etc, but they are also making changes elsewhere.

All they could tell me is the SVA is becoming the IVA (Individual Vehicle Approval) in April 2009 and there will also be the low volume type approval (NSSTA) and a European type approval (ECWVTA) which is where it starts sounding interesting for Manufacturers :)

There is lots of rumours that have been spreading but all I was told by the VCA is that from initial reports (to be confirmed when the manual is published) there will be very little changing in the IVA (SVA) test. The manual is being written at the moment and I have been promised a copy as soon as it is finished.

Robin Holmes
Pilgrim Cars UK Ltd

27-02-08, 04:24 PM
thanks Robin.

27-02-08, 04:53 PM
quality info robin; thank you; can you let us know your opinion when the manual lands and you have digested it??

27-02-08, 06:08 PM
On my way home today i dropped into the chadderton SVA centre and spoke to several guys/testers, the general concensus is that the SVA will be phased out in march 09, and renamed IVA however the IVA test will remain the same as the SVA for sometime, for Amerture built cars. As previously said it is mainly aimed at van/truck/bus, conversion/manufacture companies. I was told the full change to the new IVA rules will be carried out in phased stages, Amerture built cars being one of the last catergories to be changed, giving us a little more time.

On the other all the testers did say that if you are close to finishing your build, push as hard as you can to get your car completed and tested before march 09 just to be safe!

Hope that helps a little,