View Full Version : Any problem here for harness mounting for SVA

07-03-08, 07:34 PM
I have twin roll over hoops on the Ram and had planned to put a harness mount in each side of each hoop a-la GD.
However the hoops are not central to the the drivers head a-la GD!
The best option I can see is to mount both harness ends in one side of the hoop (the one nearest the centre of my head). The question is has anyone done this before for SVA.
The only reference I can find to offset rules is that the straps shouldn't fall off ones shoulders.
So can anyone see any issue with this method before I crank up the drill?

07-03-08, 07:44 PM
Hi i have a ram with harnesses my car was passed with no modifications, ill take a photo for you tomorrow and ill post it to you

07-03-08, 07:46 PM
one issue, won't it look a bit odd? I like a bit of symmetry myself.

How about something like I did. I fixed it in the centre of the hoops on the body. I'm not sure of a RAM as space in the boot like a sumo but anyway...........

I made these brackets:


they were then fitted in behind the seats like so:


(this picture is the original design before I beefed them up considerably)

Then fitted an eyelet at the top with a grommet like so:


this picture demonstrates my cock up, I have headrests which is not good with this design, but does show the way the strap fits on.


Next winter I plan to remove these 3 point harnesses and replace with 4 point with the anchor points either side of the head rest, but not just now.



07-03-08, 08:10 PM
Pete, I the only way I could get it thru with no more mods and below the lip is if the seats I get are very low and I fit inertia reel for the sva. Thanks for the offer of the photo but I think mine is an older chassis, all the chassis work for the roll over bars was my own creation (in order to get the roll bars braced etc so as to be deemed strong enough). But many thanks and I may get back to you on 35,836 other questions about Rams and SVA! I thought I was alone!
Graham, would you believe I considered that about a year ago and completely forgot it! I recon that is a much better solution. Many many thanks.