View Full Version : Cobra's racing on street in Portugal on Dave TV

09-03-08, 06:28 PM

I was chatting down the local and chap spoke about racing cobra's in Portugal .Did anyone catch GT racing on cobra racing on Dave Freeview last Saturday. It was called GT RACER. In Portugal...Exhilarating series about classic car racing. This edition focuses on Portugal's historic Grand Prix. The racing on the Boavista circuit promises to be spectacular round a street circuit.

I am looking to see if this is to be repeated in the future.


09-03-08, 07:03 PM
This series has been running since january. The best for Cobras was Portugal, but the best all-round was the Silverstone Classic! I think there are 8 episodes in the series.

10-03-08, 12:12 AM
Hi Clive,

Thanks for the information . I will keep an eye out for the Silverstone Classic.

Cheers John

10-03-08, 09:36 PM
On Dave, keep a look out for a programme called "Shelby" about the man himself and the history of the Cobra. An Excellent programme! :);)