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13-03-08, 04:25 AM

Apologies for Laura and me not attending the last two meets at Ley Arms - I was away with work for one and we killed the Cobra so spent the other weekend sorting that out. One new water pump later and she works again but doesn't hold charge in the battery. I'll replace that and see how it goes - any chance the two are linked or completely random? She wasn't started for nearly 3weeks due to the water pump issue so hoping it's just a buggered battery.

Hopefully see you at April meet!

Neil O
13-03-08, 09:32 PM
Dave and Laura (especially Laura as she's better looking than you Dave),

didn't anyone tell you that you were buying a hobby, not a car?:-D

Water pump and battery, soon you'll be wanting to build your own.........:o

14-03-08, 07:24 AM
Well done Oakley as suttle as ever, guess we cant blame you for saying what we are all thinking though.

It is unlikely that the water pump and non charging isuues are related as they are sepaerate issues of two independant systems on the engine. Get your old battery tested before purchasing a new one as it could be a lazy/knackered alternator stopping it from charging.

Is the charge warning light on when the car is running.

27-03-08, 03:29 PM
Sorry again for the silly delay in getting on the forum. Think I found the issue embarrassingly enough....

I checked for the light and also fully charged the battery and all was good. For a bit! We didn't tighten up the alternator swing-arm enough when we put everything back together so the belt was slipping on the alternator. Still...considering I've always taken to cars to mechanics regardless of the problem and this was the first driveway repair I'm rather chuffed!!

See you on 6th...