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05-04-08, 03:59 PM
Hello chaps, my wipers on the cobra don't swing very far - they don't sweep the whole screen.

do you know what is acceptible for the MOT, and if they will fail, how I could fix it?

I dont mind getting another wiper mechanism if need be.

This is about where they cover at the moment.

Any advice would be lovely.


05-04-08, 04:07 PM
Is it a Mini wiper motor, if so, I think you can change the cog in the wiper motor from a 90 deg to a 120 or 130 deg one.

05-04-08, 05:33 PM
Could well be a mini one. I'll do some googling. Thanks mate!

05-04-08, 05:36 PM
Could well be a mini one. I'll do some googling. Thanks mate!

This might help ;) ;)


05-04-08, 05:39 PM
Hi. If it is a mini motor, you need to reverse the arc. This can be done by dismantling the unit and moving the spigot that is under the large wheel. You will also have to change the wiper arms so that they park on the right as viewed from the drivers seat. Sounds more complicated than it is , if I can do it anyone can. Good luck

Purple AK
05-04-08, 05:55 PM
Hi Alex.
I don't recall there being any requirement in the Mot regs about wiper sweep But, From a safety/vision point of view you would be wise to alter them.
Basically you have two choices (assuming they are mini wipers) Firstly the easiest way would be to change them so that they park on the other side. Remove the arms from the wheel boxs. Then take the plate off of the motor gearbox. There is a large cog that drives the cable, On this cog should be a small plastic ramp that actuates the park switch, You should be able to unclip this ramp and move it to a predrilled hole 180 degrees round the cog. This will alter the park position by 180 degrees. You will also need to carefully tweak the kink on the end of the wiper arms round the other way so that the blades lay flat on the bottom edge of the screen when parked. This easy to do if you grip the kinked end in a vice and gently tap the arm round to the required position. Run the system untill it is parked and then refit the arms.
This will improve your vision immensly, but you can make it even better by replacing the cog with a 120/130 degree one available from SVC
Stafford Vehicle Components - Windscreen wipers (http://www.s-v-c.co.uk/prod_wipers.html)
You could of course just fit the 130 degree wheel to your existing system. But you will still have a slight unswept area on the drivers side.
( Must learn to type faster)

05-04-08, 06:03 PM
You guys are awesome. Cheers lads.

MOT soon I hope!!

05-04-08, 06:12 PM
Quick update - this is the motor (bottom right)


Purple AK
05-04-08, 06:17 PM
Yep. Thats the one ;) Talk about an easy job!! You won't need to lay on your back up under the dash either!

05-04-08, 06:23 PM
Cool. I think I'll swap them around for now, and order one of those cog things.



05-04-08, 06:26 PM
If you find the motor has any problems moving the wipers you might be wise to move where it is mounted to try and straighten out the path of the bundy tube as this is the most common thing to overload the motor. But if it operates OK then don't bother and leave it alone as it will not harm the motor at all.

05-04-08, 06:27 PM
Cool. I think I'll swap them around for now, and order one of those cog things.



You can get the cog from S&J tel 01257 262881

05-04-08, 06:29 PM
The wipers seem to move ok - but thanks for the advice. I'll keep it in mind if they start to struggle with the new cog.


07-04-08, 01:39 PM
Ordered the cog thing.

S-V-C are very helpful, well mannered, and generally quick. Top marks so far.

07-04-08, 02:10 PM
Have a look at the testers manual, the car can be failed on field of vision if the wiper system is 'insecure, missing, deteriorated or which does not clear the windscreen effectively to give the driver an adequate view of the road (through the windscreen) to the left and right sides of the vehicle, as well as to the front'

MOT Test (http://www.ukmot.com/)