View Full Version : Selecting a Windscreen

07-04-08, 10:08 PM
I am updating my BRA 289. Need to buy a windscreen. Cost has gone up and there does not seem to be much of a choice out there.

As I see it you can chose Autobrass or Brass craft. Brasscraft have put their prices up recently so their screen is close to 500. Autobrass really messed me around last time I bought something from them.

The other options out there are Pilgrim (with short legs), Hawk, Europa (They resell one of the above). I did look into the screen from Rexer in Estonia but the shipping was too high.

Any thoughts out there before I bite the bullet???

07-04-08, 10:13 PM
Absolute no brainer.....Brasscraft (only as I bought one) Chris is a really nice chap, and great to do business with, product is superb. Saying that, Autobrass is supposed to be similar quality.

Don't go near Pilgrim offering, not in the same league