View Full Version : Adjust Handbrake? How To? (Granada/Sierra)

10-04-08, 10:59 AM

My MOT is on Thursday, and my handbrake is really weak. I need to adjust it but I'm not sure how. Anyone got any tips? It does engage, but the car wont stay still on a hill.

I think it's got Sierra XR4x4 brakes, but I'm not too sure, could be the old granada kit. (Previous owner was a bit of a numpty when it came to the details)

I will be in the garage tonight, so can get pics of anything that is needed to identify the brakes if needed.

Cheers in advance. Searched, but only found a thread with attachments missing.

10-04-08, 05:03 PM
Hi Alex,
It's probably worth checking that both sides are operating - a wheels off visual inspection should tell you this. Discs are usually not as effective as drums on the handbrake operation so a harder pull on the lever may be needed even if the brakes themselves are OK. If you need to take out slack in the cable, there should be adjusters (one each side) in the cable. If they are Ford items they are plastic parts passing through brackets on the underside of the car.

10-04-08, 09:42 PM
They definatley work, as they'll stop the car when its on flat ground in the garage, and they do grip when on a hill, just not enough to stop it edging down it! ;)

I'll take a look under it tomorrow after work. Thanks for the reply :)