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11-04-08, 06:46 PM
Hi All,
I need help, I insured my Cobra with Adrian Flux before the car went to SVA based on the chasis number. They gave me two week to contact them with the New reg number. The car fail it's SVA so no reg number was given, I contacted Adrian Flux and they told me that the insurance would cancelled. So the insurance was cancelled, then a few weeks later car passed SVA, registered and then insured with a much cheaper company (Heratige International). Now yesterday I received a letter from Adrian Flux demanding the remainder of the premium stating that the cover was non-refundable. I was not made aware of this when I took the policy out (apart from the small print). The sales guy knew the situation and I made it clear that there was a chance that I may need to cancel the insurance if the car failed SVA. I feel the policy was miss sold to me. Where do I stand as they are now threating to get debt collector involved. Any suggestions?????

Thanks in advance

11-04-08, 06:55 PM
That sounds like flux to me.

You may have a case for a mis-sold policy, stick to your guns and if necessary use the financial ombudsman, it will cost them far more than your policy to sort it out with the ombudsman and will potentially back down.

If they were made fully aware that the car had not passed SVA and did not mention that the policy would be collected in full, then you do have some grounds.

Ask for a copy of the phone conversation as it may have been recorded, they are obliged to provide this to you otherwise its your word against theirs.

11-04-08, 07:15 PM
If you get no joy, contact the actual insurance company, I am sure they will be sympathetic, if they dont re-emburse you fully, they must have a cancelation policy that lets you cancel the remander of the complete months.
Regards Frank Dowsett BLOKE.

11-04-08, 07:27 PM
Another good reason to avoid Flux.

Just hold your line, tell them you believe you were missold, and that you wish to take the matter to the Ombudsman. If they phuk up your credit rating you can put a line on it to indicate an ongoing dispute taken to arbitration, thats the law.

11-04-08, 08:07 PM
Flux record all phone calls, so get the recording as Rob says, then tell them (metaphorically) to get stuffed; bunch of w4nkers give the nice folk of Norfolk a bad name.

Ive been Fluxed too; never again.

11-04-08, 08:58 PM
Flux are a bunch of.. well. Undesirables.

MSM Insurance gets my vote. They beat EVERYONE (sureterm, flux, HIC, etc) by 300 for my cobra, too. Also, very polite on the phone. Top marks so far.

12-04-08, 09:14 AM
I was with "Flux" for a few years but changed after reading all the negative posts about them. But it did say on my policy quite clearly non refundable. There again, do as Robert sugested and you never know.

12-04-08, 11:00 AM
If it was their decision to cancel rather than yours, you are in a much stronger position. Stick to your guns, you acted in good faith, if it was their decision to cancel, what can you do about that and why should you have to pay ?

If you lodge a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman it will cost them/the insurer approx 500 for the admin charge. If you threaten to take that avenue, my guess is thay will back down.


07-05-08, 07:07 AM
Update on the Insurance problem! I WON!!!!!!!!!!
I asked for copies of all phone calls and told them I have been in touch with the FSA and Financial Ombudsman. Finally after a large amount of Emails and phone calls they told me that the full amount of 400(ish) would be cancled and I would be charged a 30.0 admin fee. Fine by me!!!! So top tip.... Dont back down, do some rsearch (ask the forum) and you might just get what you want.
It's been a lovely week so far and really enjoyed increaseing my carbon footprint! Only problem is the bloody bikers keep getting in my way!

07-05-08, 08:09 AM
Nice one great end to a flux tale of woe..