View Full Version : expansion tank and hose routes

12-04-08, 07:48 PM
hi guys i wondered if any of you could post some pics of your engine bay so i could get an idea about changing the route of my water hoses. As you will see from my profesionally doctored pic the red outline is the existing expansion tank and the yellow outline is what i was thinking. Also i have outlined the top hose route and was wondering if anyone else has had any problems with this route as there is no coolant in the pipe when the engine is not running. I know its a tricky one cos the top connector on the cover plate is allways gonna be higher than the top of the rad :rolleyes: .

24-04-08, 10:01 PM
Hi Danny, Your first thought should be towards positioning a header tank up as high as your engine bay allows. As water takes a dynamic level you need to have the tank half full when cold and have a header tank litrage large enough to cope with the thermal expansion 1.5litres is about the min. (I've had the type you are running explode with 15psi cap fitted) on GT40's at the track.
I'd dial out the copper pipes as they are good for residential but not suitable for automotive as copper work hardens and with all the soldered joints you have a lot of potential leak paths that could emit at anytime. Forming one piece stainless pipes or aluminium with beaded ends connected to silicone hoses is the best route (Ralph at Tube form Technologies in Poole can make these to a wire template )

Dynamic bleeds to a high header will eradicate potentional air locks from forming in a sorted system.