View Full Version : Cobra crashes in the USA

13-04-08, 10:54 PM
This guy is so lucky to be alive. As a motorcyclist I've always hated cable barriers and this is good reason why.
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13-04-08, 11:06 PM
One very lucky guy. :( :(

13-04-08, 11:09 PM
Cable barriers should be banned.

Thankfully no-one died and 4 cars out of action, not a good day at all.

13-04-08, 11:37 PM
Horrific Accident, its a good job that they were travelling in convoy or the poor driver would have been a gonner otherwise.

Then to compound the problem a Rav 4 driver writes off another two Cobras and a police cruiser when she piles in the back of the accident scene..........

As they used to say on the Hill street Blues " Lets be careful out there."