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24-04-08, 08:31 PM
Hi All, As before the best way to inform you of our forthcoming activitys, is to pass on Pete Jones's E- mail to us sussex/Hants region.

Hi All

Yes it's that time again, so soon you all say? I'm aware that a lot of us meet at the Goodwood "Breakfast club" on the first sunday of the month the week after the last sunday "Monthly meet" and then go a couple of weeks without anything, so we are moving the monthly meet to the THIRD SUNDAY of the month during the "Breakfast Club" period from May onwards. This is also due to the fact that there are some paying events on the last sunday coming up at the circuit and I know you don't want to pay to meet up and then go to a pub. There is also the thought that some of you might also want to attend said events so a date move makes sense. I will try to put a calendar together asp so we all know where we should be during the fabulous summer we are expecting.

Regarding this months meet, we are going to the Gribble Inn (its all I could book in a hurry) dining room and public bar area like last time. There is a twist this time the Gribble are in the "Battle of the Pubs" competition sponsored by Spirit FM. Basically the landlord will be phoned up by them at 12.15pm and asked a number of questions (about 15 or so) he will get as many answers from the crowd and then decide which sounds the most sensible answer and put that to the radio station. We are all welcome to participate but must get there before it starts and there will obviously be a small break in meal service while the competition takes place only about 15 minutes or so I'm told, should be fun anyway. Hope as many of you can come as possible with your cobras to show off to the locals. I'm looking for new venues to attend so if anyone has a suggestion please see me, it needs to be loosely around the Chichester area with a nice drive to it but we are flexible (anyone want to organise a treasure hunt?) suggestions please. Hope to see you all on Sunday, all the best, Pete & Marion.