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02-05-08, 06:15 AM
the newsletter of the

Cobra Replica Club

East Anglia region 2008

May 2008

Hello all,
I have to admit the weather that greeted me as I opened the garage last month was not very inspiring. As the hood was already sitting rolled up on the rear deck of the car I decided fit it and the sidescreens and enjoy the journey protected from the fog that seemed to be set in for the day. Given the dreary weather it was not surprising that the only other Cobra to attend was Cefinís GD who braved the journey there top down. No sign of our North West area membership this month and Colin was the only representative from the Norwich area.
There was plenty of horsepower about though. Orienteering on horseback apparently with several jodhpur clad folk stopping in at the pub.
Open Day
I am happy to report that my Open Day was a great success. All offerings from the BBQ were devoured in double quick time. Thanks go out to Steve Brown for flipping the burgers, Ivor Talbot for providing entertainment with his Ford Rod, the Waveney Valley Kit Car Group, Iceni Car Club and of course the CRC as well as others for making the event a success. Also a big thank you to Simon Finlay for providing a fly-past display!
Workshop News
Iíve been a bit too busy to progress the Aston V8 very far this month. It looks like part of May will be spent making Sumo exhaust headers as well as getting the Aston fired up.
Stoneleigh. May 4th & 5th.
Thinking of Stoneleigh, I propose those who wish to make to journey in convoy, as weíve done before, rendezvous at 08:30 (leaving at 09:00) at the Tesco petrol station next to the A14 in Bury St. Edmunds close to the sugar beet factory roundabout. My arrangements changed since I wrote the last newsletter and I will be going on the Monday. Cefin & I will turn up at Tescoís at the above time. Those who are making the journey on the Sunday could group together there also and convoy together.

This Monthís Meet. May 18th.
The Greyhound, 49 The High Street, Ixworth, Suffolk. IP31 2HJ Tel. 01359230887.
Monthly Meets. (Third Sunday 12:00ish)

June 15th.
Bar de La Tetre Rouge. Le Sarthe, France. Or volunteers with suggestions please.
July 20th.
The Ship, St James Street Dunwich, Suffolk. IP17 3DT. Tel: 01728 648 219 shipatdunwich.co.uk (http://www.shipinndunwich.co.uk)
August 17th.
Hill House, Happisburgh, NR12 0PN. Tel: 01629650004.


National Kit Car Show at Stoneleigh. 4th -5th May

Santa Pod
The main event 23/26 May
Tel 01234 782828 or Drag Racing at Santa Pod Raceway UK (http://www.santapod.com)
RWYB days May 5, 10, 18, 31 June 21, Aug 16 Sept 20 Oct 4, 12, 26 Nov 2

Sporting Car Club of Norfolk
Mid Summer Classic Navigational Run 15th June
Tel 01502 716280 email classic@sccon.co.uk
Le Mans 24 Hours. 14th-15th June

Rougham Airfield
Wings Wheels and Steam 28th,29th June
Classic car show 16th, 17th August
Classic Car and Sports car Show 4th, 5th October
Tel 01359 270524

Helmingham Festival of Classics. Helmingham Hall. 3rd.August. Helmingham Hall Gardens (http://www.helmingham.com)

Lavenham Rare Breeds Car Show 25th August
Tel 01787 247659 email jane@asandwhen.co.uk

Norwich Union Classic
Navigational Run with track time finishing at Silverstone (recommended) 12th October
email tony@msaclassic.co.uk
Norwich Union MSA Classic - Sunday 12 October 2008 (http://www.msaclassic.co.uk)

There is a good list of local events to be found at Snaketorque - the cobra replica forum and message board - Index (http://www.snaketorque.co.uk) , the South East regional forum.

I would like to put together a list of local events for the coming year. Please contact me if you know of any events that would be of interest. Thanks go to Mark Bright for some of the info listed.

Many thanks and Bye for now.


My contact details are as follows;
Home: 01473 250 295 Mobile: 07909531816. Workshop: 01379 688 356 E-mail: andrewsoar@yahoo.com