View Full Version : Quick drive on Sunday 1st June, Chew Valley

31-05-08, 09:29 PM
Hairysanta, JamieM and myself are meeting up at Chew Valley lake tomorrow morning ( Sunday) only an informal thing, anyone fancy a chat and a coffee, see you there about 11am. Don't intend on doing much, just pissed off sat in home looking at this poxy weather, so decided to go for a quick drive. Plus it gets me and the daughter out of the wife's hair.

The more the merrier.


02-06-08, 08:00 PM
Just a few photos of our little trip to Chew Vally. Lovely area, took the kids they played in the park and chased the ducks, we just sat there in the sunshine drinking tea and coffee talking Cobra stuff and generally chilling out. Shame we seem un-able to rouse the interests of other Cobra's in the area, never mind 3 of us bombing around the counrty side is probably loud enough for the locals.