View Full Version : Rear Springs, want shorter ones

22-06-08, 06:53 PM
Does any one know a good source of springs for a Cortina suspension set up on my Viper? Just in the process of ordering some new wheels, going to put 8 or 9 inch on the back and 7 inch on the front, but want to lower the rear by 3/4 of an inch to get a better gap between the tyre and arch.

When I spoke to Bob Busbridge who is a top bloke, he said that a Viper has different offsets at the front than the back. +20mm and -20mm. The wheels on my car have +20mm offset front and back, and in my opinion don't look quite right. Going to put on some purpose made ALLOY RACELITES from raceways in Donnington Raceway of Donington - Die Cast Models - UK (http://www.racewaysdiecastmodels.co.uk/acatalog/Raceways_Racelite_Alloys.html)

at 99 each a bargin.

23-06-08, 11:30 PM
Hi Mark
Glad to hear you like Bob. I gave up trying to get in touch with him before. Seemed to be on the continent for weeks at a time then. Probably just my usual bad timing though!

Don't know about the Cortina but I splashed out and got a set of Halfrauds lowering springs for my Sierra set up. -45mm! Unfortunately had to buy front and backs together but thought they'd be a good job. Next time I'll just cut a turn off the existing ones...

They are ok but if you jack up the car they come loose which is worrying as I was planning to get airbourne and maybe catch 3 feet of air sometime! where are those cable ties?

I would warn that as the springs shorten the castor angle increases! I'm reliably informed I can insert wedges into the sierra hubs to realign them (don't know Corty's) but for now I just took the springs back out as the exhaust rests on the ground when they're in...