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20-04-01, 10:02 PM
Any one know any reason not to use a plastic (polyeurathane) specially made tank for my cobra providing it sits in the right place for the SVA, must it be metal??

20-04-01, 10:17 PM
As far as I can remember, it must be able to absorb impact and not split, if it is a race spec tank, then it should be OK, however it is worth checking with whoever supplied your kit.

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23-04-01, 08:22 PM
I am a manufacturing engineer at Ford all Fords new European models are fitted with plastic tanks.The SVA manual makes no mention of fuel tank material. Under Vehicle design and constuction General, fuel and electrical system, the only thing it says is that an assessment should be made of their constuction in respect to their ability to withstand the forces, vibration and enviroment to which they may be subject.
It does make quite alot of positioning in respect to fuel leaks from pipes and filters causing fire by falling onto the exhaust. Does anyone know how you can position a fuel line in a Sumo where it does not pass over the exhaust

23-04-01, 10:19 PM
I think pilgrim run there lines outside the chassis along the side of the car ie fixed to chassis side panels inside the body(away from anything)

How far away should brke and fuel lines be located away from moving parts ie propshaft (if running on inside of tunnel?? anyone?

24-04-01, 12:45 PM
Don't know if this helps, but my fuel feed is run as follows

Flexy hose from tank to Facet pump mounted over N/S wheel arch next to tank. Small length flexi hose to solid hose, then solid hose along inside of Tx tunnel, enter engine bay and terminates on lower chassis rail just behind N/S lower engine mount. Flexi hose and filter then clipped along chassis rail to approximatly parallel with forward most spark plug. Then comes up onto engine, clipped to engine, and then onto carb.

I have clipped it so that theres no chance of it ever touching the exhaust. Of course if hose came off the carb, then I'm dunfor, but thats the same for everyone.