View Full Version : November Meet - Sun 16th

13-11-08, 09:43 PM
Well, the weather forecast currently looks OK for Sunday. I'll be there, come what may - tin-top if it's raining, Cob if it's not ;)

Suggest you guys do the same as it would be good to meet up with you either way. I can then bore you with an update on the next-door-neighbour's planning application - jeez, I want my life back! But I'm winning - I think!

We could also usefully discuss a potential Christmas get-together. Yep, that time already - where did this year go?

All the best.

13-11-08, 10:18 PM
I'll be there.



Happy Jim
14-11-08, 09:18 PM
I'm off to Exeter on Sat so will be doing the familly bit on Sun.

Have fun


16-11-08, 09:17 AM
See you there in tin top

16-11-08, 10:26 AM
i will pop in to see what,s new ?

16-11-08, 08:23 PM
Good to see you guys. My carpets are slowly drying out ......

Purple AK
16-11-08, 08:44 PM
Good to see you guys. My carpets are slowly drying out ......
My carpets are still Dry :rolleyes: But there again I don't think the car has been out of the garage since I popped over to you guys last time :( This year really has been a bitch for weather! Must be Global Warming :rolleyes: :twisted: