View Full Version : Next SW Meet

19-11-08, 12:42 PM
Just a note to let you know that the next meet - has been brought forward to Sunday the 30th November - this is due to the CRC Christmas do being on the night o the 6th December and we are expecting hangovers on the 7TH

I hav e - mailed all in the SW list

28-11-08, 10:11 PM
Nudge Nudge, don't want folks to turn up on the wrong Sunday. ;)

Neil O
29-11-08, 03:20 AM
I won't.........ciao;):mrgreen:

29-11-08, 10:07 AM
posted at 4.20am??? Can't you sleep??

I only thought there was one 4 o'clock in a day, and it wasn't in the morning.