View Full Version : Greetings from a rather Wet Texas

27-12-08, 09:26 PM
Happy New Year to:-

Andy Sceal, Brian Cutler, Dave Nunn, Dave Clarkson, Gareth Lovell, Kevin Taylor, Micheal Bodingbaur, Ian Pickersgill, Mike Taylor, Pat Bailey, Cheng Lim at Thunder Road, Graeme at 7 Indulgence plus others I've met & can't remember their names & also all the guys and gals in the Kent Group. Have a good lunch on the 29th.

I'm stuck out here for a few months working, & therefore away from the Cobra & the meetings for a while. Still the weather is not so bad, even when it rains it's warm water !

No decent car to drive here I'm afraid, only a sensible Volvo T70, still even that is a better performer than most of the 'Trucks' they seem to like here.

Haven't seen any Cobs here yet or even any hot rods in the last two months, although strangely there is a Cobra driving school of all things at Houston Speedway.

GrandSport Speedway - Houston, Texas (http://www.grandsportspeedway.com/)

Might check it out when I've got a few dollars more so to speak.

All the best to everybody.

27-12-08, 09:38 PM
Dodger, where in Texas are you? We have a good Cobra club here in Houston that meets the 2nd Sat of every month. If your in, maybe you want to hook up? That way you won't have withdrawl symptoms


28-12-08, 10:30 AM
TEXAS :confused::confused::confused:

Thought they closed years ago, bought out by Homebase if I remember ;)

Happy New Year to you Roger.

Cobra driving school sounds fun if you are missing your car :cool:

My car should be back on the road in March time. Drop me a line when you are back and we can meet for a drive out and a beer.

28-12-08, 11:07 AM
Happy New Year to you Roger. ;)