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brian twigg
22-01-09, 02:45 PM
Hello all, can some one tell me if I have pressed the wrong button somewhere.

The threads used to be laid out in full, one under another as they were posted, with the page numbers shown so that you could jump straight to a page if you knew that you had read some earlier postings.

Now, when I open a thread, it goes straight to the first post in that thread and all the other posts are laid out in a tree formation which is very hard to follow and makes reading the post's a chore rather than an informative pleasure.

Is this a new forum layout? or has the form of display all ways been available and I have inadvertantly pressed a button somewhere calling this way of displaying thread up.

If the latter is the case, can someone please tell me how to get back to my original layout as soon as possible because I think the tree is a pain in the proverbial.

Thanking whoever in advance,

Brian, a not quite senile yet, 70 year old with learning difficulties i didn't know I had.

22-01-09, 03:22 PM
At the top right of a thread is a button that says display modes. Click on that and click linear mode.

See if that helps.


brian twigg
22-01-09, 06:30 PM
Hello Craig thank you very much for your help.

22-01-09, 07:14 PM
Back to normal is it then Brian?

I did the same thing myself so know where to find it now!:mrgreen: