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25-01-09, 09:09 PM
Dipite four of our regular drivers not being able to attend today (Sunday) at Goodwood, we still had thirty people show up, we left Goodwood at 11.45 and convoyed to the Barley Mow at Walderton,
Terry Lifton arranged a skittles match, Pete Jones mustered up some prizes, and following a great roast dinner, we all played a tornament lasting most of the afternoon, we then use the skittle ally as a club room, Another great meet for the Hants/W Sussex region.
Thank again to Peter, and Terry.
Regards Frank Dowsett. BLOKE.

pete the b
29-01-09, 12:07 AM
Glad you enjoyed the day. Got to say thirty odd people on a sunday in January is still a good turnout despite the weather, it makes it all worthwhile. Nice to see far flung members like Steve and Jacky Young from Chandlers Ford, Mike and Jo Fenwick from Godstone and Kevin Wells and son Benji from Ash Vale as well as other regulars that travel a great distance. I know petrol is expensive so I am mindful that we select good places to congregate for us. It just gets better with all the good support we get. Pete

29-01-09, 08:06 PM
Thanks to all for a most enjoyable lunch and I am so glad we did not win the Nigel Mansell biography! see you all next month
Steve y