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22-02-09, 08:03 PM
Hampshire/West Sussex meet. Sunday 22nd. Febuary 2009

Yet another fantastic turn-out for the Feb. meet., About fifty people
Turned up at Goodwood race circuit, fourteen Cobraís, with most makes of car represented, Alan Browse from Thames valley in his Dax, and Peter Coombes from Surrey with his Hawk 289, and Peter signed up two new members.
Then about forty-two of us convoyed off to the Robin Hood pub at Shripney, near Bognor Regis for lunch, it was the second time we had been to this venue, and were given the function room overlooking the back car park where they have a lawn, with tables and chairs for the braver ones, this will be a great summer venue as we
will be able to eat outside with the cars.
We had some new ( to me anyway) members who introduced them selves, and in the activities that followed I realise that I didnít remember to look out for them
Later, I apologise for this, and hope some of the other members looked after you.
Our March meet. will be at another venue to be announced as usual, but I know Peter is trying for the Oyster catcher for March. And the Barley Mow for April, I will not be attending the next one, so if you donít see the usual posting, go along to Goodwood and Peter Jones will fill you in on the venue there.
Regards Frank Dowsett. BLOKE.

pete the b
22-02-09, 10:01 PM
Todays meet must go down as being one of the best. See the two attached photos. I have never seen so many cobras and people at Goodwood in February - what a turnout! Brilliant to see the usual crowd and some brand new members (and some potential ones) turn up. Well done Alan Browse for coming such a long way, that shows commitment, you are welcome anytime. All I can say is thanks for your support and we will keep on trying to find good new pubs and events to keep the interest up, Pete

23-02-09, 08:40 PM
It was good to meet with you and your troops, and it certainly blew the cobwebs off the Cob! I'm looking forward to more "inter-region" activities this year - but I'll aim to bring some of my troops too next time ;)

Thanks for the warm welcome - what a friendly bunch you are down there!