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24-10-01, 04:17 PM
A few months ago there was a post on this website offering stainless steel sheets for sale. Did anyone buy any? I sent a cheque off in July and arranged for it to be picked up by parcelforce a couple of days later. I then had a call from the chap saying that he was going on holiday for a week and had put off the parcelforce pickup 'till he had come back. I have since heard nothing from him. I have sent him several email but all have gone unanswered. He cashed my cheque on the 6th of August so he has my money, and he has recently posted on this site so I know he's still around. I won't mention his name at this time just in case there is a problem and the delay is genuine, but it's made me think again about sending money to people I don't know. As I said if anyone else has dealt with this chap offering stainless steel sheet, please let me knowx(

24-10-01, 10:23 PM
Yes. got my sheets no problem Steve seems like a honest sort of chap, so poss he is away ? You mentioned Parcelforce though??? what a heap of s**t i have had many a misserable dealings with them... Theyve prob lost it!

25-10-01, 03:06 AM
I got mine OK from Steve.

I waited about a month but that was explained from the outset on the phone.
I think I will get some more from him as well...



25-10-01, 10:47 AM
Thanks guys, I'll keep trying to contact him.


25-10-01, 05:48 PM
I also got my stainless steel from Steve, a few delays but got there in the end with a considerable saving over the price the kit manufacturer are asking.......as for Parcel Force, what a load of s**t.


25-10-01, 09:59 PM
Try using Securicor, they're pretty good and they have an online tracking system.