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12-03-09, 07:47 AM

Sunday 5th April

Barrie is arranging for us to meet on the seafront of West Looe (the posh side) at the Hannafore Point Hotel/Waterfront Café. – Parking overlooking the Bay and Looe island and opposite the Hotel.

The Waterfront café, underneath the Hannafore , is run by friends and will reserve us space and can offer a range of hot and cold food, light snacks wine, beer coffee etc

The Hannefore Point Hotel offers full bar facilities and if you want a pub the Tom Sawyer Tavern is right next door.

Barrie suggest we meet at “Route 38” the American Diner at Trulefoot where the A38 goes right to Liskeard and the left turn off the Roundabout is signposted A374 to Torpoint/A387 to Looe – next to the Shell petrol station.
If we meet there between 11 and say 11.40 we can convoy down to Looe (15/20 mins) – latecomers can meet us in Looe.

There are major road works (the cliff is falling away) – for at least 6 weeks on the road into Looe itself, which involves a small detour, but they are threatening to have established one way traffic lights by the time of our meet – that is why Barrie has suggested meeting at Route 38 – ‘cos he knows the way into Looe !!


Purple AK
12-03-09, 09:32 AM
Isn't that rather a long time for Mike to be on the road? Maybe one of you should think about fitting a towbar :rolleyes: :mrgreen: ;)

12-03-09, 12:04 PM
I await a suitable response from Mr T

12-03-09, 05:15 PM
Very good Chris :D :D I have solved the problem, I do as Steve (Snakebite) does when he's camping, carry a 1litre empty oil bottle, has to be an oil bottle, because it has a large opening ;) ;)

12-03-09, 05:45 PM
so you can hit it when shaking? ;)

Purple AK
12-03-09, 06:21 PM
so you can hit it when shaking? ;)
Glad you replied Chedz ;) I was tempted, but I've probably caused enough trouble for one day :mrgreen:

31-03-09, 06:45 AM
Antbody want to meet at Exeter Services?

Neil O
31-03-09, 09:12 AM
Antbody want to meet at Exeter Services?
Because there are toilets there? ;)

31-03-09, 03:38 PM
No - Mike lives further south.

Anyway - you aint coming cos you are chasing the oval ball!!

05-04-09, 07:12 PM
Managed to get there without a toilet break. ;)

What a cracking day, met at Route 38 (http://www.route38.co.uk/) for coffee then 10 Cobs of to Looe in convoy, brilliant drive, good company and plenty of sunshine. 8) 8)

Thanks Barrie for organising this meet, couldn't have been better if I'd done it myself. ;) ;) :D

06-04-09, 09:19 AM
Trip to Looe – Barrie P

Well it was a cracking day grommit !!

11 cars at Route 38 Café and 10 down to Looe

Special parking arranged by Barrie – what a star!!

Seafront views for lunch !!

Weather superb!!

I’d like to repeat my thanks to Barrie – a man of influence!!

I’d like to award Martin B the “Outback treck” award for his route from Moretonhampstead.

Good to see you all – my camera was acting up so I’m sure others will post piccies.

Great trip back across the moor – once again Martin B’s Sat Nav taking some strange decisions.

The day is why we own/built the cars !!!!!

Good luck or commiserations Mike T (or both)

07-04-09, 12:06 PM
Still cant fathom out howTim caught up with us by appearing out of a lane somewhere before Tavistock.

Mind you we soon lost him following Martin B's tortuous routing !!

Leslie and Gerry - sorry we lost you we turned off for Liskeard.!!

Somebody let me in to the secret of how Colin A keeps his hat on ?

Great day out - Fresh air and nearly 200 miles - kanackered on Sunday Evening

12-04-09, 09:28 PM

My shortcut to Tavistock required use of driving skill and ingenuity - so it was never going to work. Noted your interesting deviation via Yelverton to get back across the moor -no wonder you did 200 miles. Suggest you replace Martin's batteries.