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26-10-01, 11:20 AM
OK so I've got through the build and the SVA looms.

I thought you peeps may like to know of the variations in insurance for my:

SUMO 5.7
Member of CRC
Anti theft device fitted
Clean licence
Full NCD
XS 2-300

MSM 01279 870535
3K miles = £411 5K miles =£468.75

Footman James 0121 561 4196
3K miles = £420 4.5K miles =£540 :'(

Adrian Flux 0845 130 3400
3K miles = £253 5K miles =£337 :+

Any others worth trying?

26-10-01, 11:39 AM
Use Backford Bloor, they provide an agreed valuation, the others will make an offer if you write your car off.


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26-10-01, 01:48 PM
Yep - I agree with Rob (Sorry Rob) I have banged on several times about the need for "agreed value" policies for our cars. "Market value" just won't do you any good at all if it ever comes to a write off situation (such as it being stolen). And be absolutley straight (and comprehensive) about the spec and componentry in your car on the proposal form - these are not "standard" cars and are therfore poorly understood by the Insurance Industry as a whole, and I am unconvinced that the brokers do much to help in this area - it is up to you to ensure that all relevant info goes onto the proposal.

Please please please don't just go for the cheapest - it could end in tears.


26-10-01, 02:01 PM
I did have my GD insured with Flux for the first year, never again. I never received an insurance certificate, just a cover note every month, and then they had the cheek to ask me for additional funds for the cover note being sent out.

I am reasonably thick skinned, but they just took the proverbial.

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26-10-01, 04:03 PM
Thanks for the feedback, I've requested a quote from BB.

I'm also searching the web for others and will post my final analysis.

Wilf's reply made me think though, I've just spent £xx,xxx [in case the wife is surfin]
Would I really save a few hundred and risk major probs over dodgy insurance!!

05-11-01, 11:23 AM
I looked at about 6 companies and Backford Bloor came out well on top.
I will put my analysis into a forum note soon so others can benefit.

I do want an agreed value policy and therefore need an agreed value, I understand the CRC can do this but how do I go about this?

I also need to confirm my CRC membership number, it has rubbed off of the card and I throw away the envelope with snake torque.
Can I get that easily?

... MOT this Sat..... SVA a few weeks awayx( x( x( x(

05-11-01, 11:29 AM
Your best bet would be to speak to Pilgrim and get them to give you an agreed value, the club are now pointing people in the direction of the manufacturer and second hand dealer like Hallmark for an indication of value.

Regarding your membership number, if you wait a bit, the membership number is on the snaketorque envelope. If you can't wait that long, speak to your regional rep who has a database of members and membership numbers.

All the best

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05-11-01, 12:25 PM
>I do want an agreed value policy and therefore need an agreed value, I
>understand the CRC can do this but how do I go about this?
>When you get your proposal form from Backford and Bloor for an agreed value policy, there should be a valuation form with it. You fill this in, except for the bit which is obviuosly for the valuing agent, take the relevant piccies, then you have two options:

1/ Get a friend in the motor trade (who preferably can use a company name/stamp) to agree with your valuation for the price of a pint and fill in the form/sign the back of the piccies.
2/ Ask Backford Bloor to use their own valuation agent - I believe they have someone on hand who will put their name to the valuation based on the info on the form and the piccies.

I have not used the CRC method yet - not totally sure if anything is actually set up for this - maybe best ask. I have always used my friend in our village who runs the local car repair/MOT station. Since he is a petrolhead he signs up my forms no probs.