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14-03-09, 11:53 PM
hi Iam a newbe to the forums, received delivery of my cobra body shell this morning.
I am looking to do a 4x4 version using a sierra xr4x4 or a 4x4 saphire does any one know if this has been done before and what problems I am likley to run into. The chassis I am making from skratch utilising some of the sierra suspension parts.
Any help, advise or apinions would be greatfully received.


pete the b
15-03-09, 12:25 AM
It's already been done by RAM Automotive some time ago. I think they can still make chassis to suit. It would be worth giving Adrian Cocking a call at "Realm Automotive" (I think that is what they are called now) to find out how to do it. It might save a lot of grief and not having to do any development work. There is a purple RAM with a cossie turbo in line linked up to the two Ford diffs on the road in working order if I remember right. Hope this is of some help, good luck, Pete