View Full Version : devon. bow. nr crediton

25-03-09, 08:11 PM
Calling all carrot crunchers.

Hey Devonites, what I really want to know is, and I'm sure you guy's can tell me.

In the sleepy village of Bow on the A3072. is there a large builders yard??

Has it got any history or what is this sleepy little hollow really like??????

If any of you know then tell it like it is. Please Please.

It's about 8 miles from Crediton on the oakhampton road

Neil O
26-03-09, 06:16 AM

Bow is indeed a sleepy village, nice place.
Don't know of the builder's yard you mention, but I've only driven through Bow a few times.
I'm not "next door" as it were, but could go take a look if you like?
What's the plan? Pm if you like mate.:-D

Oh, by the way, it's "Okehampton".