View Full Version : Clutch alignment: Getrag 23 spline input shaft

04-08-09, 07:40 PM
Does anyone have a spare 23 spline input shaft from a Getrag Jag box that they would be prepared to lend me for the alignment of my clutch plate?

I don't need it until then end of the month (clutch plate out of stock) but it may be more successful than the plastic tool I recently purchased from a fellow club member. At least this way I have two options at the point of no return!

Many Thanks

04-08-09, 07:58 PM
Andy, If you can get hold of a SD1 input shaft, they are 1" x 23 spline, thats what I used to align my clutch for the Jag Getrag.


04-08-09, 08:15 PM
OK, my box is at CTS at the moment so I might ask them if they have any spare!