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04-01-10, 11:11 AM
Just moved to Somerset and thought I would say hi, long time Cobra admirer and all round petrol head...

I have thought about getting a Dax or an AK from time to time, and even collected some Jaguar suspension and Sierra bits and pieces several years ago, but never had the cash to really do the car justice and this is one dream I could not spoil with corner cutting; so the bits have sat in dusty boxes ever since.

Anyway I think its time to go for it before I get long in the tooth (!) and our wonderful politicians make petrol illegal (!!) Sorely tempted to buy as my work can be really time demanding, and I'm told there is a half decent Cobra builder around these parts (although it will be many months before I have saved enough cash to order one!)

So if you'll have me I would be delighted to drop by a few of the monthly meets and bother you with all the usual boring questions whilst I try and make my dream a reality!

04-01-10, 11:48 AM
The half decent cobra Builder is Chimera or Anthony who lives just outside Wellington !!

He is into AKs at the moment -and he's good !! - I'm unsure if he has his next build on the go yet. (I'm sure he'll be along in a minute)

If you send me a private note i'll loop you in on our schedule of meets as we dodge around Devon and Cornwall and parts of Somerset - (once we sort it!) -

Our meets tend to be the 1st Sunday in each month as well as various shows etc - Our next meet is at the Ley Arms at Kenn near Exeter on Sunday the 10th - Dont expect too many Cobs in this weather though.

04-01-10, 12:09 PM
Hi Keith - I can add my praise for Anthony, too, as I have just bought his ex show car (AK) and it's superb. Go and have a chat with him - he's a top bloke and you'll find all the answers you're looking for...
Cheers, Jon :)

04-01-10, 12:31 PM
Welcome to the SW Keith, top bloke Anthony, here's his details. ;) ;)

Absolute Horsepower - Cobra Build Specialists (http://www.absolutehorsepower.co.uk/)

04-01-10, 03:55 PM
Hi to Keith

Firstly thanks to all for the praises, Im sure il repay you at the next bar were at lol.

Keith, am I right in thinking you and your wife rented my fathers holiday cottage when your house was being built, if so I wish you a warm welcome and am glad I have finally got to chat to you.

Im literally 500 yards up the road from you in wellington if your the person im thinking of and would be very happy to stick the kettle on and let you look around my workshop while answering some questions.

I cant speak highly enough for the AK kit and the team behind them and it would definately be worth your while thinking about this kit when you take the plunge.

Please feel free to pm me and il give you my number, would be good to put a name to a face.

Would be good to have another one in the area.


04-01-10, 05:04 PM
Cheers guys for the replies.

Hi Anthony, indeed I am! I put 2 and 2 together once Chris mentioned your name earlier, and Alan said you lived nearby when they were over the other evening for Spagboll.

I'll pm my email and mobile, love to have a chat and a look round one weekend.

04-01-10, 06:45 PM

Glad I got the right person otherwise I may have been seen as a cobra builder stalker lol.

Yeah dad said he had chatted to you about the cobra's etc think he even mentioned Ford engines (cough cough). Good to know there is another enthusiast in the area and with a new pub being built exactly halfway between us at the new business park some 250 yards away I see some good times I see potential own local meets if we can drag everyone else up to the area.

Il get the buscuit tin topped up and will send you a PM to discuss a convenient times for a chin wag.

08-01-10, 09:45 AM
How come he gets the kettle put on and I dont?

09-01-10, 12:28 PM
Hi keith,
welcome to wellington. you are welcome to visit me to, the kettle is nearly always on am just of the bypass behind robins close old folks home my unknown is 75% complete hopfully on the road by spring and the dax is as yet unstarted 07980921937

09-01-10, 05:20 PM
Hi Nooney good to put a screen name to your face after meeting you at the Exeter show. Seems I have started a trend in the Welly area for Cobras thats 2 within 2 miles of me now lol.

Not being funny though you need to contact rob the administrator and get your mobile number removed from the open forum its not wise to post that on an open site as you will be constantly pestered with calls now.

Hurry up and get your cars built then boys we can have our own club meets in this neck of the woods then lol

Back to the original post was good to meet you today Keith hope I have not put you off building one to much.

Has taken me until now to warm up again though, look forward to the BBQ in the summer too.

09-01-10, 06:53 PM
Evening fellow Wellyites :D

Appreciate all the advice today Anthony, and no, not put me off at all. If anything the opposite, I was leaning towards buying but now I'm leaning towards building! Give me a shout if you ever need a second pair of hands wth lifting or anything, I'll be up to pester you soon anyway no doubt if not then on the 7th.

I think I need to get a test drive of a DAX and an AK to see which one fits me best when the weather improves. Impressed with the feel and look of the AK today though.

Hi Colin thanks for the invite and yes absolutely I'll give you a call. The missus is talking about painting the bedroom so no chance of escape for me tomorrow... 2nd Anthony's warning on the phone number, lots of loonies around. I was going to ask what the unknown was, but you'd only say unknown.... see you soon :D

Geoff's Project
09-01-10, 07:03 PM
The right choice IS to build:D. I'm well through my build now and I can honestly say its the best hobby (if that is the right word) that I have ever had, this website has made it possible for me to do this, (thanks to all, who have helped me, ok, ok I've now had a few guinness:D), and I havent regretted one second.
Choice of Kit, well that is entirely up to you:cool:

09-01-10, 07:26 PM
Thanks for the comments Keith, indeed as I said earlier there is no better sense of achievement than looking back at the end knowing you built it and with me only 2 minutes away you have all the help and support your going to need if you do decide you have not got the time, tools or resources and want it completed sooner.

Both Dax and AK are good kits, at the end of the day you have to choose what one is best for you and not by the amount of people that have voted one better than the other. You know my thoughts though and Im happy to help you out with whatever you decide.

If I dont see you before il see you for the next club meet and il introduce you to everyone. Keep researching and before you know it you will be roaring down the road.