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14-02-10, 08:19 AM
Hi all,
front end all in places and set up , but can any one tell me how the problem was over come between the jag axle front and the ford steering rack . Or have I just read the wrong threads that most of these kits used a mark 5 ford rack. Have thought of cutting and joining up with jag ends ,not sure if allowed in the IVA test.
Any Ideas
Thank you

Purple AK
14-02-10, 10:34 AM
Hi Rob. I assume you mean the track rod ends? In which case you need to find a TRE with the right tread for the Ford rack and the correct taper for the Jag steering arms.
BTW the steering arms are still behind the axle aren't they?

14-02-10, 11:34 AM
Hi Chris thanks for getting back to me on this one.Yes did mean the track rod ends, tried for the past few days only to find no match, Ford are 14 mm, Jag ends are unc.Rack sits behind the axle and is right size etc , its just the ends.Thats why I thought of cutting and joining up,but not sure how the IVA inspector will look at it. I have seen it done before on other kits.

15-02-10, 05:07 PM
Maybe some viper owners could confirm which steering rack was used on most of the viper kits, in this second edition build manual it states mark 5 escort ,with special ends.

16-02-10, 06:43 PM

You have mail. ;)

17-02-10, 08:26 PM
Thank you Iain for mail, checked with VOSA today as to IVA testing and rose joints etc.The Tech guy told me they do not approve of such a set up nowadays and would want full details of loading etc. So back to the track rod ends,speaking to a company to get some made I hope.

17-02-10, 08:40 PM
Dax use the proper Jag steering arms on the uprights and they screw onto a male thread on the ends of the steering rack rods.

I'll see if I can measure the thread tomorrow for you.


17-02-10, 08:44 PM
What about a simple female/male thread adapter? The RAM uses this setup to go between an MGB rack and a Jag track rod end. You cut some of the track rod off, leaving enough thread to screw on the adapter. Simple cheap thing to have made and no cutting/welding of components.

Hope this helps.

19-02-10, 09:12 PM
Thanks’ for the info guys, did not go down the path of add no’s between rod and end fitting, as our local test centre inspectors for IVA are very hot on the steering setup layout ,and seem not too likes added extras between the rack and the track rod end. Hope to have new arms coming Tuesday so I can make up the rack to suit jag track rod ends. Have ordered extra case any one else ever wants to go down this route.

24-02-10, 08:42 PM
Thank all ,steering rack all sorted, new arms found and fitted. Looking good. now on the rear which dose not line up with lower diff bracket at all .Did any one have to change the top mounting plate also as mine sits 16mm over to one side,has any one got some ride height specifications please as I would like to check this 5deg incline is correct for the irs.