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22-02-10, 08:38 AM
Hi All

Still working on the cooling for our Cobra... could anyone help with a Rover V8 radiator - where's the best place to get one from, and what's the 'best' way to mount them (leaning back / forward??!!)?!!

Any advise will be greatly appreciated!! :D

stu e
22-02-10, 09:52 AM
Hi Dave

Sorry to hear you're still having problems. Can't remember if it looked as if the Sierra rad in my car would fit in yours.
Mine is a Sierra 2.3 Diesel rad, angled back at the top with 2x10" fans on, haven't had any cooling problems, but haven't even started it since November.


22-02-10, 10:26 AM
hi Kermit. ;)

not sure what kit you have, but some info here if its a sumo, also at the very bottom is a link to a company that apparently sells the Sierra diesel rads that are fitted in sumos at a very good price (not used them myself though)




23-02-10, 07:46 PM
Looking for a Rover V8 Rad, this is what was put in the TVR Chimaera, it may be an idea to look on PH, under that model.

I have one on 95 plate, the temp sensor does tend to play-up quite often, if I can help further just ask.

Richard at Dulford sorted mine, their only up the road at Cullompton.

24-02-10, 10:47 AM
I got my radiator (Rover V8, 3 core) from Grantham Radiators, based in Boston??? Good radiator, they also do standard radiators if you don't need the 3 core. their phone number is: 01476 561975 .

02-03-10, 12:45 PM
Thanks for all the help - that's certainly given me the info I need... I'd forgotten about the option of the 2.3 Sierra; may help size wise definately.
I'll post again when I'm a bit further down the line - hopefully with a newly plumbed and running Cobra (it's a Classic Replicas Viper Graham)!!!!

Thank you again for your help everyone - it's greatly appreciated.

02-03-10, 03:12 PM
a few months a go i got one from BOSTON RADIATOR SERVICES LTD / grantham radiators /motorcool services
3 CORE rover sdi and he also put in a fan switch for me and a very good price as well
i think he makes the rads for Ak as well.
i would recommend them and use them again