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24-02-10, 08:20 PM
has any one changed a cortina steering coloum for a serria one and how do you fit the rubber bush in the bulk head

26-02-10, 10:46 AM
Hello Doctor (too many prostate inspections with the thumb?),

in absence of anyone who knows what you want...the sierra rubber bush just needs to fit into a hole the right size (an inch or so across). The hole needs to be in a plate that is perpendicular to the column, so you will see that its fitted into a box/plate that is angled differently to the rest of the bulk head. However, if you are going to bother doing this sort of change, I would strongly recommend you place the rubber bush in the bin and replace it with a proper bearing. the rubber bushes fall out, fall apart and aren't solid anyway.

There is lots of info here, that will either help you see the way to fit the rubber, or fit a bearing, hope it helps:

How To Build a Pilgrim Sumo: Steering (http://how-to-build-a-pilgrim-sumo.wikidot.com/steering)