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14-03-10, 10:55 PM
All details here - Southernkitcars Forum • View topic - March 21st (http://tiny.cc/littlehamptonblat)

Basically a few of us are having a run to Littlehampton. Main initial meet point for the run is Buck Barn - junction of the A24/A272.
So folks can either meet there to join the run, or perhaps join other pals to have a run to BBarn before kick off.
I'll be taking a group from 7oaks, there'll be another from Uckfield ( Little Chef Maresfield ).

Obviously for some 'runners' its weather dependant. But nice to see some Cobs coming out to play? If anyone is interested please pop your interest down on the site/forum that's linked above.

15-03-10, 09:12 AM
Hi Greenwood, maybe you should consider posting your name after your post, it's a bit more personal.
this venue looks good to me and I am quite local also, is there a venue at Littlehampton such that we can all park together ? and I dont know if Southernkitcars would need to clear it with someone like the council.
I expect a few of us local Cobra owners would come along.
Frank Dowsett. BLOKE.

15-03-10, 10:42 AM
Hi Frank....
Just checking the venue. Its one that's been recommended to me and i was told that parking is good, that said i'd like to verify what 'good' means - ie/ is it a car park where we can all park en-masse or parking roadside....will pop a post back here when i've got that sorted.
thx Mark

15-03-10, 03:19 PM
This is the Cafe that we're thinking of - assuming that we get decent numbers as the car parking is easy there.
Google Maps (http://tiny.cc/cafelittleh)

It opens at 10.00. Our run from Buck Barn would get us there for about 09.40, time enough for a natter and tyre kick ahead of brekkie.
As mentioned in the original post.....it would be helpful to get a show of hands on the SKCC forum: That way if there are any last minute changes to plan i can let the respective owners know asap!

15-03-10, 08:42 PM
Hi Again Mark, Count me in on Sunday, I cant post it on your web site as my reg. has not cleared yet!.
I have checked the weather, it's wet Thur. Frid. Sat. but cleares up at about 3am Sunday morning, and is warm.
Regards Frank. BLOKE.

16-03-10, 09:30 AM
Hi Frank, you were 'activated late last night' thanks for registering. Hope a few more of your Cob pals will join in - either with the run or the new site!
thx Mark G

18-03-10, 03:16 PM
Well Frank, seems that signing the messages 'personally' and finding a fantastic location - cafe overlooking the sea with a huge car park is not enough to tempt out many of your Cob colleagues........surely they can't all have their cars SORN'ed.....:-)
come on chaps, wet those massive carbs and fire them up !
Cheers - Mark

18-03-10, 04:04 PM
Hi mark

good work on trying to drum up a little interest. I think it sounds great but I am on holiday for a week from Saturday and the cobs petrol tank is sitting on the garage floor!

Hope you get a good turnout