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25-03-10, 07:40 PM
Hi all, Well it's this Sunday, and according to the T.V. it will rain, but I consulted the Southampton weather centre for PO22, and they give " chance of rain" so we live in hope.
So as has become customary I reproduce Peter's jotting's.
Frank Dowsett. BLOKE.

Hi all.
Yes it's that time of the month again, that is to say it's time for us to meet up and have a spot of lunch on Sunday 28th March 2010. That should be fairly clear! Meet as usual at Goodwood from 1100 and then about 1200 onto the Robin Hood at Shripney on the Bend, near Frank, buy Bognor. For those of you that turn up at eleven and find no one is there you forgot to reset your clock on saturday night and are running an hour late. Yes Jerry, the clocks go forward saturday night as we "leap forward into spring" so as its spring expect lots of rain and snow and bitterly cold weather. See you there, Pete.