View Full Version : Melton Mowbray Classic Car and Bike meets.

19-04-10, 07:05 PM
Hi guys and girls. :)

Here in sunny Melton Mowbray, we have a classic car and bike show in the town centre on the last friday of every month, starting around 6pm .

We have an eclectic bunch of vehicles attend, from Austin Sevens through to Ferrari Testarossas and everything in between including tractors and lorries! :D

I need to confirm that April is the first event of the year but i thought it'd be good to get the idea out there among you folks. It's kind of a micro Ashby Folville! The coffee shop stays open later and there's usually a burger van for those of you fancy a bit of non-mechanical type grease!

I should know sometime this weekend whether it's on or not and if it is, it'd be awesome to get some of your monstrous Cobras there! :D

Thanks for reading.

Neil :)

20-04-10, 11:41 AM
'Ere me duck you one o them there pork pie fillers ? :p

20-04-10, 03:46 PM
'Ere me duck you one o them there pork pie fillers ? :p

Bob off! :p


28-04-10, 07:26 PM
Well folks, i've finally found out that this show does indeed start this month. :)

Starts around 5.30pm right in the centre of Melton, where the saturday markets happen.

Having shouted about this, i'm not going to be there myself! Hey ho! :mrgreen:

If you do go, have fun and take lots of piccies!