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25-04-10, 06:27 AM
hello my sumo MK2 all work is finished I will be present at the gathering in ST TROPEZ 7.8.9 in May, I still have two issues key to the wheels (front wings winner) when turning the steering wheel to the right or left, there there a stubborn set in motion?? and my second question, for better braking est'il possible to mount brake ford scorpio (which are broken down) in lieu of Granada are simple, I am sorry but I use a translator to write j ' hopes that it remains understandable

25-04-10, 09:16 AM
Check that the wheels are not catching on the bodywork as they are turned. they can foul at the rear of the wheel arch.

If they are OK jack both wheels off the ground the knock the track rod end ball joints out from the uprights but leave them connected to the track rods so that the wheels are no longer connected to the steering rack, then turn the steering wheel to feel to the tight spot. You should then be able to work out what the problem is.

No sure about the brakes but anything is possible with enough determination!