View Full Version : BMW-based Sumo

25-04-10, 07:39 PM
Does anyone have any information on when the BMW-based Sumo will be available? And which BMW will be the donor? I remember Den arguing that a BMW v8 would not fit a Python until a photo proved him wrong. It will be interesting to see if the v8 fits the Sumo.

25-04-10, 07:56 PM
According to April kit car mag they are using the BMW straight six as fitted across the BMW range. The one they show in the mag is from a E36 3 series.

25-04-10, 10:27 PM
I think that using BMW running gear will be a good move for Pilgrim. I notice that Sierras are getting a bit thin on ground these days. And suitable doner cars are getting quite high.
Backdraft in USA having been using BMW stuff, in some what modified form for a while and it has proved to be more than bullitt proof, considering the power levels some of the engines that have been fitted.
I dont reckon much to the 6cylinder engine for use in a Cobra, but as some may remember from years back, the Sumo was offered with the 2.0 litre pinto engine as a doner engine. So back to basics, which aint a bad thing for a starting point.
I hope its as a success for them them as past versions have been.