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02-05-10, 09:58 AM
Can anyone tell me which is the correct (most effective) rubber seal to use around the boot lip, I can see 2 basic alternatives; 1 that has a rubber tube section on the top of the metal reinforced grip, or 1 that has a side flap? Also, where best to put the join? How do you get around the boot lock staple/pin?

Many thanks

02-05-10, 10:10 AM
Think I used the 16mm stuff and it was pretty tight closing the boot with a flush fit.

Woolies Trim - Side Seals (http://www.woolies-trim.co.uk/c-37-side-seals.aspx)

I found some better stuff in the scrap yard I took off an escort van

02-05-10, 11:14 AM
I joined mine at the bottom of the boot opening near the lock.

02-05-10, 11:32 AM
See if its possible to "hide" the join behind a boot hinge or the boot-lid support.